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White Collar

Litigation Support

The MRW Consulting Group® goes beyond the figures on the financial statements to create strategies from numbers.

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Tax Controversies

(Criminal & Civil)


Failing to follow the rules and regulations of the complex and confusing tax code can often lead to unintended consequences.

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The IRS balances the government’s desire to bring the non compliant taxpayers back into the fold with the need to promote deterrence through prosecution.

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Forensic science, or forensics, is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer legal questions.

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Occupational and workplace fraud continues to cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

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MRW Consulting Group® offers its clients a full spectrum of marital dissolution services including the preparation of financial affidavits, equitable distribution schedules, lifestyle analysis, child support calculations, income determination and asset tracing as well as analysis of marital versus non-marital property.

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Reviews & Audits

Understanding the money laundering statutes is critical to any case involving fraud.

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Asset Tracing & Recovery​

The seasoned professionals of the MRW Consulting Group® team have more than 100 years of experience in asset searches

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Due Diligence​

It has been said that one bad apple can spoil the entire barrel. One bad employee, or one transaction with dirty money, can likewise damage your company's image.

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Law Enforcement Training & Reviews​

With over 100 years of law enforcement experience

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Warrants & Forfeitures Analysis​

Forfeiture is a tool utilized by federal and state law enforcement to seize contraband, proceeds from illegal activity and/or tools and instruments used in commission of a crime.


The MRW Group

MRW Consulting Group, LLP (“MRW”) is a partnership formed in Florida in 2009. Owned and managed by Luis O. Rivera, MRW provides consulting and advisory services for individual, business, and public sector clients. MRW’s engagements include a wide range of work in the areas of forensic accounting, assessment of compliance regarding regulatory matters, criminal and civil tax consultation, expert witness testimony, voluntary tax disclosures, litigation support, fraud investigations, bank secrecy act AML reviews, asset tracing, forfeitures, due diligence and anti-money laundering issues both in the United States and internationally. MRW also provides financial investigative training and advisory services for law enforcement and government entities. MRW’s distinct advantage over other firms is the financial law enforcement background combined with an accounting and financial investigative experience. Over the years MRW has worked on a wide variety of cases in the areas of fraud investigations, litigation support, forensic accounting, and consulting work in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, Luis worked in public accounting firm before forming MRW. In the public sector, Luis has worked at various levels of the organization within the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division on a wide range of fraud and tax investigations including as a senior manager working with staff supervisors and staff. This vast and wide range of experience has made it possible for MRW to establish an impressive record of successful engagements in the private sector and to be recognized as a leading forensic firm in the South Florida area. Since its formation in 2009, MRW was selected by the South Florida Legal Guide as one of the “Top CPAs and Accounting Professionals in Litigation Support. MRW’s success is, in part, the result of the Firm’s philosophy to blend technical expertise to bring practical applications to complex forensic issues by developing “strategies from numbers.” MRW is committed to using its experience and expertise to meet the specific needs of our clients within the highest professional and ethical standards.

Service Areas

The MRW Consulting Group® provides comprehensive forensic accounting, consulting and advisory services for law firms, law enforcement, government agencies, businesses and individuals. We specialize in a wide range of services including:


White collar crime litigation support
Criminal and civil tax controversies

Voluntary disclosure
Forensic accounting

Fraud investigations

Anti-money laundering reviews and audits

Asset tracing and recovery

Due diligence

Law enforcement training and review

Warrants and forfeitures analysis


Our domestic and international clients benefit from our 100+ years of combined experience in law enforcement, government service, and private sector advisory services including positions at a Top 100

Contact Us

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Who are we?

Luis O. Rivera

Luis O. Rivera, Partner

Luis O. Rivera is specializing in white collar crime litigation support, international and domestic investigative services, civil and criminal tax controversy, anti-money laundering and bank secrecy act services, financial fraud investigations and law enforcement training and reviews.
Phone: 954-523-8001

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"We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank MRW Consulting Group for your assistance in achieving this terrific result. You can be sure that if anyone asks us for the name of a forensic expert in your field, yours is unequivocally the firm we shall recommend without hesitation."

George J. Vila

Defense Attorney, Law office of George J. Vila, PA

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"Experience and results matter. MRW Consulting Group has been instrumental in helping to prevent the filing of formal criminal charges against Carlton Fields' clients and has assisted in deconstructing the government prosecution and obtaining acquittals on all counts in white collar cases that have gone to trial."

Paul A. Calli

Attorney at Law, Carlton Fields

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"Thank you to MRW Consulting Group for making such an informal, interactive and enjoyable presentation. I learned a lot. I am very pleased with your work. I hope to work with you in the future. Thank you again!"

Patricia Valdes

Assistant Executive Director, International Association for Asset Recovery