George J. Vila
Defense Attorney, Law office of George J. Vila, PA
United States v. Manuel Calderon


"We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank MRW Consulting Group for your assistance in achieving this terrific result. You can be sure that if anyone asks us for the name of a forensic expert in your field, yours is unequivocally the firm we shall recommend without hesitation."

Paul A. Calli
Attorney at Law , Carlton Fields


"Experience and results matter. MRW Consulting Group has been instrumental in helping to prevent the filing of formal criminal charges against Carlton Fields' clients and has assisted in deconstructing the government prosecution and obtaining acquittals on all counts in white collar cases that have gone to trial."

Patricia Valdes
Assistant Executive Director, International Association for Asset Recovery


"Thank you to MRW Consulting Group for making such an informal, interactive and enjoyable presentation. I learned a lot. I am very pleased with your work. I hope to work with you in the future. Thank you again!"

Forensic specialist has high-powered resume
January 2, 2008, The Post and Courier by Bo Petersen


Ron Wise is one of the auditors investigating the Dorchester County Sheriff's office, part of a four-man Rachlin Cohen & Holtz forensics team with more than a century of combined experience tackling organized and white collar crime for the Internal Revenue Service.


How good are these guys? One team member developed IRS computer programs to strip information from financial records and analyze it.


Wise, the man on site for the probe, once held top secret federal clearance. As an IRS investigator he has worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs and the Drug Enforcement Administration. He is a quiet man with a smile as keen as a shark. He was already a criminal investigator when he joined the South Florida office to work on drug money laundering and other international cases.

120 years of IRS experience - Auditing firm uncovered wrongdoing in sheriff's office
December 27, 2007, The Journal Scene


The group all knew or worked with each other at the IRS, but since then, two things have changed. They don't carry guns or badges anymore. One thing has remained constant though: their work on a case when the financial figures don't add up.


"We bring something different to the table than CPA firms," Wise says.


They specialize in forensic audits and have the law enforcement background as well, he says.


"When I do an audit, I interview key officials, see how the system is supposed to work and then look at the holes. Once I understand the system, the one thing I ask is can all the revenue be accounted for?" Wise said.

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