Asset Tracing & Recovery​

Asset Tracing & Recovery​


It is not uncommon for fraudsters to attempt to conceal assets to prevent judgment recoveries, forfeiture of funds or collection activity. In an effort to evade such payment, individuals will sometimes transfer all assets to nominees to avoid leaving a paper trail that can lead to the discovery of their ill-gotten profits.


The MRW Consulting Group® has been successful in locating persons responsible for payment of the judgments through background investigations, surveillance, and interviews. The seasoned professionals of the MRW Consulting Group® team have more than 75 years of experience in asset searches, tracing, and identification of concealed and/or undisclosed assets in the US and offshore. Our forensic team is experienced in identifying strategies of hiding and tracing funds and following the paper trail that can lead our clients to identify strategies to defend their case. Our methodology for locating and assisting in the recovery of assets, whether hidden, undisclosed, or previously identified, has been successfully utilized in several diverse areas of service.


Our services have been utilized for the benefit of:


• Criminal tax investigations

• Criminal forfeitures

• Bankruptcies and assignments for the benefit of creditors

• Receiverships - civil and criminal

• Marriage dissolution (specializing in tax matters)

• Embezzlement cases

• Civil lawsuits forensic analysis and trial support

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