Tax Controversies

Tax Controversies (Criminal & Civil)​


Tax fraud is a serious matter. Analyzing the nuances of a tax fraud case requires specialized skills. Let the professionals at MRW assist you in evaluation strategies for your case. Our extensive experience as IRS criminal investigators (Special Agent) gives us the edge in this area. Call us for a free consultation.


Tax civil matters can be costly and if unattended can have serious consequences. The rules and regulations of the complex and confusing tax code can often lead to uninformed decisions and unintended consequences.


The MRW Consulting Group® specializes in both criminal and civil tax matters. We have the experience having worked with prosecution and defense attorneys on criminal and civil tax cases to share our specialized understand of the policies and procedures that can work for you in resolving your tax problems. Whether it is a civil assessments of taxes, penalties, interest, or a criminal indictment, we can assist you to navigate through the complex administrative and judicial processes. We can provide clients with alternative strategies to deal their case in these areas of :


• Criminal investigations

• Charges with potential long jail sentences

• Case with substantial civil penalties

• Voluntary disclosures

• Audit defense

• Arrangements for installment agreements

• Smaller tax assessments

• Return preparation

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