Warrants & Forfeitures Analysis​

Warrants & Forfeitures Analysis​


Forfeiture is a tool utilized by federal and state law enforcement to seize contraband, proceeds from illegal activity and/or tools and instruments used in commission of a crime.


Criminal forfeiture is a punitive measure taken after a defendant is convicted of a specified unlawful activity. Civil forfeiture action is against the property itself and not the defendant. A criminal conviction is not necessary in order for the government to seize and forfeit the property in a civil forfeiture action.


The MRW Consulting Group® can confidently manage the complexities of seizure and forfeiture issues. After years of investigating cases for the U.S. Government, we have firsthand knowledge of initiating and perfecting forfeitures. Our team uses our experience and resources to trace and recover assets for our clients, identify legal and administrative issues related to the enforcement actions and assist clients in defense related engagements.

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